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Butterfly Table Tennis Blades » ALL Penhold Blades (J-pen / C-pen)

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arrow product Butterfly Chinese Slim

Butterfly Chinese Slim
Price Rp 700.000
Fabulous Touch of slim grip and good control of balls
speed: medium slow
ply: 5wood, type: fast attack

arrow product Butterfly Chinese VII

Butterfly Chinese VII
Price Rp 700.000
This 7Ply chinese penhold blade provides you with a balance of play from both close to the table and medium distance.
speed: medium
ply: 7wood, type: fast attack

arrow product Butterfly Chinese AL

Butterfly Chinese AL
Price Rp 1.250.000
A fast blade designed for the modern heavy top-spin style of play.
speed: 9, control: 7.8, feel: medium
ply: 5wood/2 arylate, class: fast attack

arrow product Cypress JP I - S

Cypress JP I - S
Price Rp 3.500.000

Carefully selected Kiso Hinoki. Unique soft and comfortable feel with no loss of power. Ideal for player determined to smash and drive.

PLY Thickness: 9.3mm.


arrow product Garaydia Revolver - R.

Garaydia Revolver - R.
Price Rp 1.900.000

Reversing racket (2Sided), which is suitable for Front-End Offense and Defense.
user-friendliness of the arylate carbon. Yet lightweight has a moderate momentum. suitable for the offense and defense in front-end.

PLY Thickness: 6.4mm


arrow product Hadraw VR - CS

Hadraw VR - CS
Price Rp 1.550.000

High Class Offensive chinese penhold blade with Wenge. Using an intricate and exclusive Wenge veneer only underscores the high-class ambition of the new Hadraw VR blade. Its medium-hard touch creates with a controlled feeling in all situations of the game.

All Wood / 5PLY Blade / Thickness 5.9mm.


arrow product Innerforce Layer ZLC-CS

Innerforce Layer ZLC-CS
Price Rp 2.400.000

A Good Chinese Style Pen, equipped with a soft feel at impact
Lightweight ZL Carbon that combines the height and suppleness of the Bounce will support a high level of play.
ZLCarbon Mount special material Performance and Features
Blade Thickness 5.7mm. Ply: 5Wood / 2ZLC.

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