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terimakasih saudara sport, pelayanan cepat ramah dan lancar, pengantarannya pun sangat cepat, thx!


Terimakasih P Jay pesanan karet sudah sampai... pelayanan ramah, cepat... memuaskan... Recomended seller...

Thanks Saudarasport barang pesanan saya sudah sampai, pelayanan sangat baik, cepat dan ramah melayani setiap pertanyaan....

Andri (Siak)
Komunikasi lancar, pelayanan ramah, barang nyampe tepat waktu.. Siip banget dah...

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product arrow Innershield ZLF

Price Rp 2.100.000 Beli
Finally, a new high-tech blade especially designed for the demands of the modern defensive game. The Innershield is the first defensive blade to make use of Butterfly's very popular ZL Fiber. The use of ZL Fiber allows the production of a light weight oversized blade that has both great "dwell time" for chopping and plenty of power for explosive counter-loops. Unlike most defensive blades that either chop well but don't have enough power or attack well and are hard to control when chopping, the Innershield Blade can do it all. The Innershield is uncompromising in both quality and performance for the modern chop and loop game.
  • defensive play
  • heavy backspin
  • outstanding control
  • sufficient speed at offensive strokes
  • 5wood + 2 ZL Fiber
  • Speed: 7.1, Control: 9.0, Feel: Medium
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