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terimakasih saudara sport, pelayanan cepat ramah dan lancar, pengantarannya pun sangat cepat, thx!


Terimakasih P Jay pesanan karet sudah sampai... pelayanan ramah, cepat... memuaskan... Recomended seller...

Thanks Saudarasport barang pesanan saya sudah sampai, pelayanan sangat baik, cepat dan ramah melayani setiap pertanyaan....

Andri (Siak)
Komunikasi lancar, pelayanan ramah, barang nyampe tepat waktu.. Siip banget dah...

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product arrow Butterfly Stayer 3000

Price Rp 330.000 Beli

Butterfly Stayer 3000

The Stayer 3000 enables an all round playing style providing a strong balance between speed, spin and control. We recommend this bat for competitive recreational players as well as beginner and intermediate club players. It will enable you to "Stay" on the table with it's high control while also being able to impart speed and spin on the ball with it's Pan Asia Rubber.

Uses Pan Asia Rubber with 1.8mm Orange Sponge. The orange sponge is the highest quality sponge available in the Stayer range

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